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Unheardof + Dalek: Ten Year Anniversary Party

  • Unheardof 15 W 4th Street Cincinnati, OH 45220 (map)

Super high fives to our friends at Unheardof on their 10th anniversary! Sharing this event to help spread the word. If you're a collector of street art, sneakers, skate decks or just plain old cool this is one party you don't want to miss. We'll certainly be there, so should you! 

Collaborative release includes:

  1. Two limited edition skateboard decks (1/50)
  2. Limited edition hanging space monkey screen print
  3. Unheard-of x Dalek Space Monkey collaborative t-shirt release

Dalek (James Marshall) Bio:
Merging animation, Japanese pop art, and an urban aesthetic, James Marshall is best known for his Space Monkey character - a strange, vaguely humanoid mouse that he would depict in an array of bright colors and twisted circumstances, often wielding a butcher’s cleaver. Working under the name Dalek, Marshall expressed his ideas through the Space Monkey character until 2007, when he began working in a purely abstract style. He has always been engaged in skateboard and graffiti subcultures and Marshall cites his two-year apprenticeship under Japanese artist Takashi Murakami as a formative experience.